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Embarking on the path to clearer vision through laser eye surgery is a pivotal decision that demands careful preparation. This guide, focused on preparing for laser eye surgery, aims to equip you with the knowledge and steps necessary to navigate through the LASIK surgery or SMILE surgery process. From initial consultations to the recovery phase, we’re here to ensure a seamless experience as you move towards improved sight.

Initial Steps for Preparation

Before your LASIK/SMILE eye surgery, engage in a detailed conversation with your surgeon about the LASIK/SMILE procedure details, and what to expect during recovery to ensure you’re thoroughly prepared. Also, when scheduling your surgery, factor in your personal and work commitments to ensure sufficient recovery time, and align with your support network for a seamless experience.

Preparing for Laser Eye Surgery with Confidence

Preparing for laser eye surgery: It’s important to adhere to pre-operative guidelines, such as discontinuing the use of contact lenses and eye makeup, to facilitate a smooth procedure and optimal healing.

Physical and Lifestyle Preparations

Preparing for a SMILE/LASIK procedure involves more than just medical readiness; it encompasses overall physical health, lifestyle modifications, and setting up a conducive environment for recovery. These adjustments are pivotal in ensuring a comfortable recovery and optimal surgical outcomes.

Health and Medication Guidelines

Ahead of your laser eye surgery, a thorough evaluation of your medical history and current health status is essential. This ensures that factors such as existing medical conditions or medications that might affect the surgical outcome are carefully managed.

Lifestyle Adjustments: Exercise and Habits

Optimising your lifestyle for LASIK/SMILE surgery means making adjustments to your exercise routine and daily habits. For instance, most LASIK/SMILE patients are advised to stop wearing contact lenses and make-up for a period before the surgery to allow the eyes to return to their natural state.

Preparing Your Home for Recovery

Setting up your home to support your recovery after LASIK/SMILE surgery is key to a comfortable healing process. This includes creating a restful environment, ensuring necessary items are within easy reach, and possibly making temporary adjustments to reduce eye strain during your recovery period.

The Day Before Surgery

On the eve of your LASIK/SMILE eye surgery, adhering strictly to your surgeon’s instructions is crucial, including dietary guidelines and abstaining from makeup and hair spray to maintain a sterile surgical environment. Simultaneously, preparing a comfortable recovery space at home, equipped with essential comforts and conducive arrangements, is key to ensuring a smooth and stress-free healing process post-LASIK/SMILE.


Establishing a solid support network is crucial when preparing for laser eye surgery, as family and friends can provide essential emotional and logistical assistance throughout your recovery.

On the Day of Your Surgery

Comfort and simplicity are key on the day of your LASIK/SMILE surgery. Wear comfortable clothing and minimal accessories to facilitate ease during the procedure. Remember to bring essential documents and have a family member or friend ready to assist with transportation post-surgery.

Engaging Your Support Network

A strong support system can significantly enhance your recovery experience after LASIK/SMILE. Family and friends can offer emotional encouragement, help manage household tasks, and ensure you follow post-operative care instructions, contributing to a smoother recovery.


Ensuring you have reliable transportation home after LASIK/SMILE surgery and arranging for someone to assist with immediate post-operative care are essential planning steps. This support allows you to focus on rest and recovery, knowing logistical details are taken care of.

How to book an appointment

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For the initial visit, you will need to provide a referral letter from your primary care physician or eye specialist in order to qualify for a Medicare rebate for the consultation and any tests/procedures done at the clinic. If you do not have a referral letter, you can still be seen at the practice, but you will not be able to claim a Medicare rebate.

You can download the referral PDF form or submit it online.


If you have any more questions about preparing for laser eye surgery, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. In the meantime see our FAQs below that may provide you with the additional information you’re looking for.

Can I use eye drops before laser eye surgery?

Specific eye drops may be prescribed by your surgeon prior to the procedure. However, it’s important to avoid using over-the-counter eye drops or any other medications without your surgeon’s approval.

Can I wear contact lenses before my laser eye surgery procedure?

It’s essential to halt the use of soft contact lenses typically 1-2 weeks before your surgery. This period allows your cornea to revert to its natural shape, ensuring optimal results from the surgical procedure.

Do I need to stop wearing eye makeup before SMILE/LASIK?

Ceasing the application of eye makeup a week prior to your SMILE/LASIK surgery is crucial to minimise the risk of infection and ensure a clean surgical environment. This precaution is a standard part of the preparatory guidelines for most surgical procedures.

Do I need to schedule my follow-up appointment before undergoing LASIK/SMILE?

It’s advisable to arrange your follow-up appointment prior to your LASIK/SMILE surgery. This pre-planned visit is essential for monitoring your recovery and ensuring the success of the laser eye surgery procedure, allowing for immediate adjustments if necessary.

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